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Controlo de Peso

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Cholesterol Measurement

High cholesterol levels do not cause any symptoms, which makes it difficult to detect. High levels endanger your health, as cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
The cholesterol testing device allows to determine cholesterol levels using a single drop of capillary blood, through a relatively simple, quick and virtually painless process.


Glucose Measurement

Determining the glucose level in your blood allows you to check if the levels are within normal, increased (hyperglycemia) or decreased (hypoglycemia) which, in turn, allows screening for diabetes or pre-diabetes.
The test should be performed preferably on an empty stomach, as the values obtained that way are more useful for possible screening and control.


Triglycerides Measurement

Regular measurement of triglyceride levels is important as these are one of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and rarely show any symptoms or warning signs.
The test is performed by collecting a drop of capillary blood, using specific test strips and a scanning device. The test is simple, quick and virtually painless.


Pregnancy Tests

We always rely on professional, certified and highly reliable tests.
The test is based on the detection of a protein (hCG), whose concentration in urine allows to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy.
The first urine in the morning is the most adequate, due to the highest concentration, so come early to the Alves de Sousa Pharmacy.


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